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Shade Canvas

Shade canvas awning fabric is one of the most popular choices in patio shades. An outdoor shade enhances the usability of patio. Without shade structures, the patio often can’t be used either because the sun is too hot or starts drizzling or raining, and you can’t be out. With a patio shade, you can enjoy spending time on the patio without the need to worry about the weather.

An outdoor shade creates an extra room outside your home that can be used in the spring, summer and fall. There are many choices in awning fabrics to complement the décor. At Awntech you will find a shade canvas awning fabric to match the style of any home or commercial building. There are more awning fabric choices than at any previous time. Browse our catalog to see the selection of colors and styles.

In addition to providing protection from the rain and sun on a patio, outdoor fabric awnings can be used on windows and in doorways. These offer protection from the weather and protect the furniture from fading in the sun or getting wet in the rain. Because shade structures reduce the heat absorption in your home, there are energy savings to installing awnings.

We offer shade structures that are reasonably priced, but offer designer quality awning fabrics and awning hardware. A shade canvas awning is relatively easy to install and complete instructions are included with our shade canvas awnings. The installation takes about two or three hours, but you may need a buddy or two for bigger sized shade structures and for commercial buildings with large awnings.






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