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Take the sun by the reins with a BEAUTY-MARK® stationary or retractable awning by Awntech®. Awnings are perfect for managing sunlight and updating the look of your home or business. Awnings will lend a fine accent to any architectural style.

Both stationary and retractable awnings will allow you to conserve energy and block glaring light in the summer. Lateral arm retractable awnings will pull back against the wall with the touch of a button or manual wand and allow the warmth of the sun in the winter.

Turn your outdoor space into a retreat and keep the inside of your home 10-20 degrees cooler in summer months. By shading your doors and windows you decrease the amount of radiant heat entering your home or business, thereby reducing the amount of work your air conditioner has to do. Awnings will protect your doors and windows from harsh weather and will keep interior furnishings, drapes and floors from fading.

Awntech® Awnings are designed to make your life as comfortable as possible while increasing the overall value of your home or business. All you need are some basic tools and in no time you'll be ready to enjoy your oasis. All Beauty-Mark® awnings come with a 5-year limited warranty and are manufactured with professional grade materials.

Beauty Mark® Docryl acrylic fabrics & metal patinas are state-of-the-art materials. Acrylic is the most durable outdoor fabric available. There are many fabric patterns and several metal patinas to match with your existing decor. These materials are water, fade, mildew and soil resistant.

Awntech's Retractable Patio Awning frames have dual stainless steel cables inside multi-chamber lateral arms for safety and strength. Awntech's stationary awnings come in every imaginable style from contemporary to traditional to high end ornamental works of art for both commercial and residential applications. All stationary awnings have been engineered and tested to withstand Level 3+ hurricane winds and 100+psf snow loads. If you are looking for awnings with business signage options, all stationary awnings have signage available for an extra charge. So take extreme weather by the reins while enhancing the "curb appeal" of your property with a BEAUTY-MARK® Awning by Awntech®.
Retractable Awnings - Patio
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Maui® LX   Destin® LX   Galveston®
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