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Shop Awntech for Low-Priced, High-End Awnings for Home Doors, Patios and Windows

An awning can give your home just the right touch of architectural class whether over your entry doors or over windows, patios or on your balcony. At Awntech, we offer high quality and low priced awnings for home decorative purposes. They also provide energy saving benefits and protection from bad weather. By simply being present, our awnings for home patios, doors or windows add a classy touch and give you a peaceful place to escape the brutal rays of the sun, a torrential downpour, or even a heavy snowfall. We offer awnings in different artistic styles such as Contemporary, Renaissance, Georgian, Old-World, Neo-Classic, and Mediterranean to mention a few. There is hardly any limit to our awning selection. In addition, Beauty-Mark® awnings are made with high quality, commercial grade materials and can save you money on energy costs and give you an additional green product tax write-off. They can cut down on solar heat gains on windows facing south by up to 65 percent. In addition, they cut down on solar heat gains for windows facing west by as much as 77 percent. With awnings for home patios, doors and windows, you can block the sun’s alpha rays.  As you probably know, alpha rays fade and damage your exterior doors and patio furniture but you may not know that they also damage interior furniture, drapes and floors. A homeowner can recoup the cost of awnings for home doors, windows and patios in a short amount of time thanks to the energy savings and tax incentives.  You may be eligible for up to $1,500 in energy tax credits if you install awnings for home patios, doors, windows and even if you install them at your business.

Awntech has patented manufacturing methods that allow us to offer engineered, high quality, prefabricated awnings that have been tested for wind/snow loads at one-third to one-half the price of other awning manufacturers.  No matter which product you choose, you will get the high-end, high quality, designer-like product you deserve at a price you can afford. Our motto “Beauty-Mark® is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship” is not lip service.

Something we have not mentioned is the wonderful ease of assembly and installation of Beauty-Mark® awnings for home and business applications. Our patio awnings, window awnings and door awnings are do-it-yourself installation products. Some of our awnings come partially assembled while others come fully assembled. All of our awnings have a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

You can also control when you want your awning to provide shade or let the light in with retractable awnings. With a remote or push of a button, you can retract or extend your awning.

To learn more about Awntech’s awnings for home or business patios, doors and windows, call us at 1-800-200-5997 or contact us now online for a fast, friendly response.


Featured Article:

Unleash the Beauty of Your Humble Abode with Awntech’s Gorgeous Awnings for Home!

[Posted on Dec 05]

Owning a home means doing what you can to keep it looking as good as possible. But you’re interested in going above and beyond the average homeowner as far as keeping your home looking beautiful- you want to really improve the aesthetic value of your home. If this is the case, then all you’ll need to do is put up a few awnings for home from Awntech!

Unleash the beauty of your humble abode with Awntech’s gorgeous awnings for home! If increased beauty is your main goal, then these awnings will deliver! Besides adding some personality to your home, the unique style and color of an Awntech awning will undoubtedly complement the overall appearance of your exteriors. Plus- no matter what kind of color or style of awning you feel will benefit the appearance of your home the most, Awntech will be sure to have exactly what you need to enhance the look of your home. But beauty isn’t the only benefit that these awnings can provide.

Enjoy the cool benefits of Awntech’s awnings for home! Awnings are built to provide shade, and this is true whether you install an awning in your patio or right outside of your bedroom window. In fact, strategically placing window awnings around the home will not only prevent heat and brightness from getting through, but this can lead to a better temperature regulation within the home. Imagine having a naturally cooler home- this will mean you’ll have less of a need for air conditioning which will lead to reduced energy expenses. Plus, awnings will also be able to block harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows. So although awnings can give you a more aesthetically-pleasing home, you’ll also be able to enjoy a great number of other nice benefits after having installed these quality shade products from Awntech.

Find the perfect awnings for your home today! All you’ll need to do is browse through the Awntech website in order to take a look at all the gorgeous residential awnings we have to offer. While browsing through our website also feel free to learn more about the many benefits that high quality awnings can bring you. If you have any specific questions regarding our awnings or perhaps need some assistance with ordering, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email.

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