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Awntech is Your First Choice for Commercial Awnings

Adding a commercial awning to doors or windows of your business can add a graceful touch and is a great marketing tool for drawing potential customers. It will provide necessary relief from the sun or serve as an entry rain shelter. Commercial awnings provide a great deal of energy saving benefits that can help you recoup your investment.   For commercial awnings, visit Awntech and choose one that will enhance the outdoor appearance of your business. We provide designer quality interior and exterior awnings with our without graphics for doors, windows, patios, balconies and offer replacement awnings as well. Although we off a great array of residential awnings, our selection of commercial awnings is hard to beat. Our top brands of commercial awnings include a variety of commercial grade materials such as aluminum, powder-coated steel, acrylic, Plexiglas, glass, ornamental iron, anodized aluminum, mesh, slats, ornamental lighting, backlit fabrics and more.   Some of our most popular commercial awning brands are the Houstonian®, San Francisco®, Manhattan®, Broadway®, Baltimore®, Reno®, Vegas®, Savannah®, New Yorker®, Dallas Retro®, Hollywood®, Bostonian®, Nantucket®, Chicago® and others.  These awnings are designed with classic lines, quality workmanship, ease of assembly/installation and are modular units. Many of our higher-end ornamental awnings are simply, works of art. In addition to a stationary commercial awning you may require a retractable awning, for an employee break area, a courtyard, over a balcony door or as a temporary carport for employees.   We see all sorts of uses for retractable awnings including outdoor movie screens.  Nevertheless they will retract with the touch of a button and be out of your way for later use.

The durability of commercial awnings for building code requirements is of course foremost in your mind. All Beauty Mark® stationary awnings have been engineered and tested to withstand severe weather conditions for states like Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana & Texas.  Strong winds, torrential rains and blizzard-like conditions. Beauty-Mark® outdoor awning fabrics, metals and patinas are state-of-the- art materials that will resist moisture, mildew, soil as well as fire (upon request). Awntech® SuperStrength® monofilament threads block UV rays and do not have a cotton core (cotton will rot and cause the seam to break).

As a business owner, you know the importance of commercial awnings with graphics.  Your visibility is a crucial part of your business.  Our patented state-of-the-art awning graphics solutions make marketing visibility a low cost alternative for signage. Wit h the click of a mouse your logo & text can be added to an awning area, a removable valance, a banner or a box sign.

Awning installation for all commercial awnings was designed with you in mind. If you are a contractor or an architect you will be pleased to know that all installations follow the same methods and meet UBC requirements for safety.
The patented Awntech® product line has reduced the cost of commercial awnings to about 30 to 50 percent below custom awning manufacturers.

To find out more about our commercial awnings, simply call us at 1-800-200 -5997 or contact us now online for fast, friendly help!


Featured Article:

Is Your Business Lacking Commercial Awnings?

[Posted on Sep 26]

Your business has seen some steady growth, but there are definitely some things that you could be doing which could lead to more customers, higher instances of repeat customers, and higher profits overall. There is no question that one surefire way of setting your business head and shoulders above the competition is to install some high quality commercial awnings. With beautiful, high quality awnings gracing your business, you’ll notice even more growth than what you’re already experiencing!

If you’ve never pondered the benefits of installing high quality commercial awnings, then now is a good time to do so. With high quality awnings, you can provide your customers both indoor and outdoor relief from the sun. When it comes to patrons ordering service on the outside of your business- awnings can provide soothing shade as well as protection from other elements. But strategically-placed window awnings can also provide those on the inside of the building with some nice protection from the sun’s brightness as well as protection from harmful UV rays which can penetrate windows. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg!

Awnings can add some personality to your business! If you have a building which is more-or-less bland or lacking in personality, then a decorative awning can change all of that in a heartbeat! Depending on the actual style of awning selected, your business can benefit from increased attractiveness. A more beautiful façade will likely help your business attract new customers and keep current customers coming back for more! It should also be noted that besides increased beauty, high quality commercial awnings can also help to reduce energy bills. By helping to prevent heat from entering the premises, awnings can allow for better temperature regulation within your building, thus helping to reduce your electricity bills month in and month out.

Is your business lacking commercial awnings? If you feel that the benefits of installing high quality commercial awnings are too good to pass up, then you’ll want to start browsing for the awning or awnings which will fit your business perfectly. You can start by browsing through Awntech’s high quality awnings- here you’ll be able to sift through a wide variety of durable and beautiful awnings, including retractable awnings. If you have any questions regarding any of the high quality commercial awnings available, then feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.


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