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Fabric Awnings from Awntech Hold Up in Extreme Weather Conditions.

Awntech has been manufacturing patented, high-end, modular fabric awnings since 1983. Awntech’s own line of Beauty-Mark® Fabrics are 100% solution dyed acrylic with superior strength to weight ratio. Fabrics play a major role in the durability of Beauty-Mark® fabric awnings. Beauty-Mark® Outdoor Fabrics and Sunbrella® Fabrics are your ultimate choices for fabric awnings. These fabrics are made of 100% solution dyed acrylic. What does this mean for your fabric awnings?

Beauty-Mark® fabrics are made from the finest Italian leacryl fibers. This makes our fabric awnings completely rot-proof, fade proof, water resistant, mildew proof and soil proof. Beauty-Mark® acrylic fabrics hold brilliant color and have exceptional oil-repelling properties. The spinet-dyed thread is fully dyed and is guaranteed to maintain the color for many years, therefore making acrylic the ultimate awning fabric.

Awntech manufactures many styles of fabric awnings under the Beauty-Mark® brand. Our fabric awning styles include such sub-brands as Bostonian® (dome awning), Chicago® (elongated dome), Savannah® (waterfall), Nantucket® (crescent or concave), Dallas Retro® (sideless slope), New Yorker® (slope w/rigid valance), San Francisco® (closed slope), Maui® (retractable awning), Destin® (retractable awnings w/hood), Charleston® (scrolled arm awning), New Orleans® (spear arm awning) and many more. All fabric awnings boast a sturdy modular frame. Some awning frames are made of powder-coated steel and structural aluminum while others are anodized structural aluminum. All have been engineered to endure rough weather conditions.

Beauty-Mark® fabric awnings are double stitched with Awntech’s SuperStrength® monofilament threads that are resistant to UV rays and do not have a cotton core. Most other awnings on the market are sewn with cotton core, polyester threads that have the potential to rot and break. SuperStrength® ensures that our fabric awning seams will not break or rot.

Beauty-Mark® awnings from Awntech are easy to install. All fabric awnings come partially or fully assembled. Awntech’s designers and engineers create awnings that are built to last. Our quality control is second to none. We utilize the latest in manufacturing technology to create gorgeous, stylish works of awning art just for you. You will be pleased with the craftsmanship of your new awning.

Because of our patented products and manufacturing methods Awntech can offer fabric awnings (including retractable awnings) at 30 to 50 percent below custom awning prices.

Beauty-Mark® fabric awnings are known for their style and grace, but more importantly they protect from rain, snow and sun and provide energy savings.

We also have state-of-the-art graphic technology for your business awning graphics. Be sure to call us about ordering your graphic logo for your new awning.

For more about the fabric awnings and signage from Awntech simply call us toll free at 1-800-200-5997 or contact us now online for easy, convenient assistance.


Featured Article:

Enjoy a Better-Looking Home and High Quality Protection from the Elements with Awntech’s Fabric Awnings

[Posted on November 21]

No matter who you are or where you live, you definitely prefer to have a beautiful-looking house- both on the inside and out. But if your exterior is lacking in beauty, then there’s something very simple you can do to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal many times over! By installing Awntech fabric awnings, you’ll be able to enjoy a more beautiful home plus high quality protection from the elements.

Awntech’s awnings are one-of-a-kind! First of all, for those who are interested in bringing some style to their homes, Awntech’s awnings are the way to go. No matter what kind of awning style you think would suit your home best, you’ll surely find an awning design at Awntech which will bring a tremendous aesthetic upgrade to your home! Plus, if you have a certain color scheme in mind which would complement your home perfectly, then Awntech will no doubt have exactly what you’re looking for! Needless to say, if beauty is your first priority when purchasing an awning, then you will not be disappointed as Awntech will have the best awning to suit your specific needs.

Beautiful awnings really can increase the aesthetic value of the home, but for many people out there the awning’s first task is to protect the home from the elements. Whether you would like an awning in order to provide more shade to your patio or you’d like an awning to block the sun’s rays from entering through your windows, Awntech’s awnings are high quality and will be able to protect you and your home from the negative sides of nature. Awntech’s Beauty-Mark® awning fabric is double-stitched with SuperStrength® monofilament threads- this means you’ll be able to enjoy total UV protection and an awning that won’t rot or break.

Enjoy a better-looking home and high quality protection from the elements with Awntech’s fabric awnings! Be sure to browse through the rest of the Awntech website in order to sift through all the great awnings currently available. If you have any specific questions regarding the high quality awnings available at Awntech or need help with ordering your awning, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly by either phone or email. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with nothing less than top-notch customer service.

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