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At Awntech, our goal is to provide designer quality stationary awnings and retractable awnings at the lowest prices found in the industry. We offer door awnings, window awnings, and replacement awnings for residential and commercial use.

Commercial and residential awnings provide shade, offer protection from the weather, and promote energy cost savings. You have the choice to purchase either a stationary or retractable awning, each can be customized with a wide variety of style and color variations. 

Retractable Awnings:

Our retractable awnings offer the benefit of convenience to our customers. The retractable awning allows you to quickly and easily roll out the canopy when your deck/patio is in use, and pull it back in when you're done. There are four base models you can choose from and a wide variety of fabric colors and valence trims/styles. Customers also have the option of manual or motorized operation. As you would expect, a motorized awning would allow the customer to deploy and retract their awning all at the push of a button. For more details, navigate to the "Categories" sidebar.

Stationary (Fixed) Awnings:

Stationary awnings are not only for those who require more shade, but are also for those looking to accent their homes. These awnings provide the customer with maximum customization with over 30 unique models and an even larger pool of fabric colors and valence trims/styles. Don't worry if our site doesn't provide you with the perfect size, we allow our customers to specify the dimensions of their ideal awning. For businesses and people interested in presenting their name, provide us a design and we'll sit it on the face of your awning. For more details, navigate to the "Categories" sidebar.

Our replacement awnings and outdoor shade canopies are designed for a do-it-yourself installation with the help of easy to follow instructions. Our awnings are meant to be assembled and deployed within just a few hours allowing the customer to save a significant amount of money by bypassing a contractor. With little time and effort, you can have your awning assembled and deployed, ready to take on the summer heat.

As you begin to explore the site, take advantage of some of our online resources: our online catalog, fabric color sheet, and instruction manuals should help move you in the right direction. We also provide our customers with an online measuring guide to help narrow down on the exact awning size needed for your home.

If you've already found your awning, why wait? Order online here where your personal information is always protected.

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An Awntech Patio Cover Is An Investment In Comfort

There is a feeling we all get as the winter days start getting longer and crispness begins to fill the air with the promise of spring. It infects us all with a desire to spend more time out doors. We think of barbecues with friends and cool evenings sitting outside enjoying good conversation over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. The atmosphere in which we do these activities should be equal to the feelings of contentment that they elicit. Your patio cover should be made of high quality material and look elegant in design while being durable and able to protect you from the elements at the same time.

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Window Awnings from Awntech are Affordable, Durable and Easy to Assemble & Install

If you want to add character to your home or business, make your windows look beautiful, cut energy costs, provide shelter, protect your skin, block fading and drying of furniture, floors and drapes and/or add signage to a business, choose an awning from Awntech today. Our window awnings are very high-quality, commercial grade products and are affordable to boot. Our Beauty-Mark® awnings can be ordered for any combination of heights and projections, any width or standard widths and installed over any type of window or entry. Window awnings will instantly add value by their presence alone. In addition, you will save in energy costs and with energy tax incentives. Your exterior doors, patio furniture, interior furniture, drapes and floors will thank you also. Window awnings can prevent skin damage, fading of furniture/floors/drapes at the same time keeping your home or business cool.

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Try an Awning from Awntech for Your Home or Business

When looking to increase the value of your commercial or residential property, choose an awning from Awntech. An awning will provide a practical solution for savings on energy costs, add distinction to your location, protect you from harsh weather and add signage. Beauty-Mark® by Awntech offers high-quality, low-cost commercial grade awnings. Beauty Mark® is the best known name brand in the business. Our awnings have been engineered and tested to withstand strong winds and hefty snow loads. Window awnings are easy to assemble and install and a retractable awning is a great fully assembled DIY project. Retractable awnings allows you to control how much shade or sun you want

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Low-Cost, High-Quality Retractable Awnings Available at Awntech

A retractable awning gives you the power to control when you want sunshine and when you want shade. They are very popular along the coast and Awntech has eight styles of retractable awnings that are high in quality, low in cost, and have extended projections and lateral arms. They can be installed over your door, window, patio, balcony, garage door or garden area. All have an adjustable pitch mechanism for flexibility. In order to ensure strength, our awnings have been manufactured with dual stainless steel cables inside lateral multi-chamber arms. We offer retractable awnings from some of the best known brand names in the industry such as Destin®, Maui®, Mesa®, Catalina®, Laguna®, South Beach®, Carolina®, Sedona® and Galveston®.

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Fabric or Metal Awnings From Awntech Add Beauty and Style to Homes and Businesses

An awning can be an elegant, stylish addition to any home or business. At Awntech, we offer you designer quality awnings at low prices. Our awnings will enhance the appearance of your home or business, save energy costs and provide protection from harsh weather. We have Beauty Mark® awnings made of commercial grade quality materials that are strong enough to withstand Level 3 hurricane winds. Our first priority is to offer our customers an awning or awnings that are durable, fashionable, superior, state-of-the-art while being available at mass production prices.

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